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David Okoye, being a primatologist, adopted an albino gorilla, the future alpha male, in whose company a man feels as comfortable as possible. This is carried out as a genetic experiment. But one day something went wrong - George turns into a giant monster. It turns out that he has brothers - terrible creatures that crush everything in their path. Okoye has to save the planet from destruction by mutants and his friend George from certain death.

In the film Rampage, the plot partially migrated from the famous computer game indofilm. A team of screenwriters worked on the adaptation, including such names as Carlton Cuse, Ryan Ingle, Ryan Kondal. In one of the episodes, a gorilla eats a man, pulling him out of a building, as in the game it was necessary to renew his strength. A visual effects team led by Eric Winquist traveled to Chicago to create a model of the Chicago Loop that would be destroyed in a climate battle, with over 15,000 motion camera photos recreated on 3D scanners.

Events on the screen develop against the background of the music of composer Andrew Lockington, who masterfully creates soundtracks for fantastic films. Dwayne Johnson plays the lead role. The actor, being a wrestler, has a colorful appearance and is regularly nominated for the MTV award.